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Grinding Contact Wheel

Conestoga Contact Wheel is equipped to manufacture all of your rubber coated Contact Wheels and Rubber Rolls. We offer an extensive selection of new Contact Wheels and Rubber Rolls. We can also Recover an impressive assortment of Wheels and Rolls, including Glue Rolls for industry, Large Band Saw Rolls, major manufacturer and brand name Contact Wheels for Wide Belt Sanding Machines and Feed Rolls for Planers.

Our finishings consist of a wide range of Elastomers in many different durometers, including natural rubber, neoprene, nitriles, silicone, urethane, food grade materials and more.

We offer new and recoated Feed, Cona Feed, Hold Down and Edgeband Rolls, Bandsaw Wheels and Slotted Expanders for Abrasive Belts.

We also supply Backstand Machines, Backstand Idlers, Idler Pulleys, Bearings
and Parts for various Progress Machines.

Contact Us for more information on our quality-made standard and custom Contact Wheels, Rubber Rolls and other fine products. We want to be your Contact Wheel supplier!